Splish Splash Splosh Acrylics!

Splish Splash Splosh Acrylics!

It was a case of ‘Splish Splash Splosh Acrylics’ at one of our classes this term! Our ever encouraging teacher took us through some techniques to produce atmospheric pictures without being too precise.

Acrylic washes, splattering with tooth brushes or paint brushes, scratching and sponging – no option was out of bounds.

I absolutely loved this but some found it more challenging than others. The quick methods were designed to help us produce sketches when outdoors that could be worked up into final paintings back in the studio.Alan Toms splosh acrylics

Sandra Plowmans sploshy acrylicssplish splash splosh acrylics with the WWPC  Susan Perkes splish splash splosh acrylics

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