Malcolm Winter Demonstration

Malcolm Winter Demonstration

Recently  we hosted the Malcolm Winter demonstration at St Saviours Family Centre. What a great session it was, I for one learned a lot!

Malcolm was a true raconteur telling stories as he showed us his painting skill. He even coped well with my endless questions whilst continuing to talk about how he approaches an Impressionist landscape. Malcolm used oils and worked with a limited palette to produce an image of Brading Marsh looking towards the downs.

Below are some before and after pictures of Malcolm at work.  He started with a board that had an old painting wiped off so it was already very pinky in tone. His advice was to never start with a blank white canvas as it is too intimidating. Over time the image emerged and Brading Marsh was revealed with a splash of blue. Malcolm even popped in some Cows for us!

If you want to see some more of Malcolm’s work, he will be exhibiting at Regatta House in Cowes. Keep your eye out in the local news for more details.

Or you can view his artists profile on the Isle of Wight Arts site.

Malcolm Winter demonstrates impressionist lanscape techniques in oil Malcolm Winter impressionist lanscape Malcolm Winter Demonstration of impressionist lanscape techniques in oil


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