mixed media workshop Di Cokes 2017

Mixed media workshop with Julie Sajous

Mixed Media Workshop with Julie Sajous

The mixed media workshop with Julie Sajous was challenging and inspirational. 14 members sat down in anticipation of pushing their art to another level and none of us were disappointed.

As someone who likes to mess around with different media, I found it more challenging than I thought I would. I  came away having learned how to turn my art around when I think it is a disaster. Despite the tea and lunch breaks I was mentally exhausted when I got home!

It was great to see such concentration in everyone and Julie was a fun, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher. She set us the task of representing the sea, using paper, acrylics, watercolours, inks, pastels and a host of other mediums. Making marks with twigs, staining with inks, removing with bleach and even cutting up what we had done into pieces! It really made you look at what you were doing in a new way. I have shown some of the results in this post.

Julie runs her own series of classes in Wellow so if you want to carry on where you left off, or try something completely different, contact her through her website http://www.juliesajous.com/art-classes-and-workshops-isle-of-wight/

If you are interested in doing any courses with the WWPC then keep an eye on our events page. We try to vary our offers to students and I know that there are some exciting things coming up for next year!

mixed media workshop with Julie Sajous

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