Spring Classes 2019

We are nearing the end of the Spring Classes 2019 and it has been fun, challenging and interesting.

Diana Parsons is a patient teacher who quietly encourages us to find our own way but at the same time learning much about painting techniques.

We have moved through a series of exercises which have focused on light, shade and observation in portraiture, still life and abstraction.

Last week was especially challenging as she had us working with tin foil. No, not painting on it – which would be easy! – but crushing it up and then painting the reflected light, colours and shade.

Boy was it difficult and I have to admit to almost throwing a tantrum, but it has made me determined to master it. I have looked for inspiration and found the British artist William Daniels who, I think, does it beautifully. Do a google search for him or click on the link below to have a look.


Below is a gallery of work done by this terms students.

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