WWPC talk Tim Slatter on Etching

WWPC talk in November by Tim Slatter.

At Novembers WWPC talk, Tim Slatter gave a fascinating insight into his passion for etching and how his life has evolved around this medium.

He described both the history of etching and how it came about, but also the way he has developed and used the process to produce distinctive and evocative prints.

Tim happily answered questions fired at him by the art group members and then went on to describe how he moved into some more traditional forms of painting on canvas.

These too were stunning. He displayed two large canvases, one using silver leaf to give the impression of an old brick wall onto which he painted a stylized blossom tree. The other a beach scene that took the viewer to warm summers days watching the waves rolling in.

I have attached some images to this post, but if you want to see more of Tim’s work, or even buy one of his prints, you can visit his website here.

Tim Slatter Etched plate Tim Slatter etched plate detail Tim Slatter etching plate with beeswax into which lines are scratched before acid etching Tim Slatter Etching shown at the WWPC talk in 2017 Tim Slatter Etchings on display at the West Wight Painting Circle Talk in 2017 tim slatter art talk to the isle of wight art group. Image of a blossom tree on gold leaf tim slatter artist gives a talk to the West Wight Painting Circle. Image of a wave at St Helens

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